Hyundai Kona Delivers Powerful Engineering Innovation

Hyundai has packed a lot of punch into its new Kona vehicle. The popular small SUV demonstrates a host of design elements and structural engineering components meant to impress even the most discerning driver with its unparalleled commitment to innovation.

A McPherson strut system is the core of the front suspension system. This feature uses a dynamic sub-frame bushing design to deliver the most comfortable ride on the road. The MacPherson strut design also employs gas-filled shock absorbers partnered with a unique hollow stabilizer bar to provide a lower overall weight and better handling and responsiveness.

The Kona offers two distinct driving modes through its Drive Mode Select system. This choice enables the customization of dynamic responses and overall powertrain preference while also allowing the vehicle to adapt to changing traffic conditions and road situations. Choosing either Normal or Sport will allow extreme personalization as you take to the roads.



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