Know the Signs that Your Tires Need Replacement

Beyond oil changes and brake service, scheduled maintenance also includes checking your tires. We are happy to share with you how to tell that your car, truck or SUV needs new tires.

First, try the penny test. Simply hold a penny with President Lincoln's head pointed toward your tire's core. If you can see the top of Abe's head while the penny contacts the bottom of the valley between two tread rows, then it is time to replace your tires!

Alternatively, you can use a new innovation found on most tires called wear bars to check your tread wear. You will find these bars placed between tread rows. If any section of a tire's tread has worn down to a tread bar, you should replace that tire.

At Tony Hyundai Honolulu, we support Hawaii drivers with advice and dependable service. We welcome you to contact us to schedule your next tire service today!

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