What Can Extreme Temperatures do to My Car Battery?

The more extreme the outdoor temperatures, the more the load on your car battery. Here are a few things that happen when extreme heat or cold interact with a car



Once the temperatures begin to hit freezing, you will notice how slow the engine cranks over in the car. The liquids in the crankcase are freezing, and so too are the ones in the battery. The casing of the battery could actually swell as liquids freeze, making a very dangerous situation.

In the extreme heat, the same liquids could actually start to evaporate. If this happens, the battery will have to work harder to crank the car and to power things like the lights, wipers, windows, and all those changing stations for the phones and other entertainment devices in the car.

Stop by Tony Hyundai Honolulu and a mechanic will test your battery to make sure it is still in good working condition. If it’s not, we can get you all set up with a replacement car battery for your adventures.


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